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It's standard javascript so you can interact and communicate with you website ( if you embed dynamo inside a webpage )
And it uses Box2D library.

Here's the flash version, it's the same thing, more or less :

You can also edit some levels to see how code is made, for example, this one: ( log in before clicking )

Select the green circle, then click on the edit code inside the body section. you will see the following line :;

It means that when you click on this body ( the green circle ), the browser will load the link page passed inside the parameter in the vars section of the body.

Dont forget that you can have multiple projects and tabs loaded in the editor, and copy paste elements or group of elements from one to another.

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I've just made this mecanism, it's called reverse-motor, you can edit it with the search function inside the editor :

I've put two vars in the black square, one to set the id of the body you want to collide with, the other to set the new speed of the motor.

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you're right
I will try to fix this on firefox


EDIT : This is fixed on firefox, thank you for the feedback ;)

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Ok, isn't there anythin else in the console ?

Did you try with another browser ?

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Hi X

Yes, this is the standard procedure :

You must have two different objets, then :

  • right click on the first object
  • right click in empty space ( be sure to not click on an invisible or white object )
  • right click in empty space ( be sure to not click on an invisible or white object )
  • right click on the second object

If it does not work, could you give me the error you have in the console ( F12 with chrome on windows / Alt+Cmd+i on mac )

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Hi @TriBlade9
You're quite right, I'm going to do that.

I'm also working on a little puzzle game I'm going to put into Dynamo.
A little bit like The Incredible Machine or Amazing Alex if you know

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Hello everyone,
this is the forum about The Dynamo Toolbox :

You can find information about how the toolbox works, tutorials, exmaples you can reuse and some code samples if you want to go further.

Feel free to post any questions ;)

The Dynamo Team

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Dynamo is a toolbox that allows any user to easily create physics-based animations.

An online editor

  • Use simple shapes to create complex objects
  • Import image files
  • Create texts
  • Make joints to link objects together. Combine them to create complex worlds then…

A community

  • Share your work and let others reuse it
  • Explore community's work with the search function
  • Make new behaviours with the code editor or use others'

A web integrator

  • Use embed code to insert any animation inside a website or a blog
  • Use the code editor to communicate between Dynamo and your website

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Dynamo Version 0.0.1 has been released.
It supports, for now:

  • Creation of simple bodies from shapes like box or circles
  • Creation of more complex bodies by adding simple shapes to selected body
  • Edition of vertices
  • Edition of physics parameters like gravity / timestep / friction / restitution / density / collision group ...
  • Import of images and texts with auto-generation of the physics geometry ( images must be png with opacity )
  • Shape color edition
  • Joints creation ( for now : Revolute, Distance and Pulley )
  • Multi-selection
  • Copy / Paste
  • Open several tabs for several worlds and Copy / Paste from one to another
  • Undo / Redo
  • Save / Load online
  • A Search function to view other's work and reuse it
  • Javascript code editor to make specific behaviours or to communicate with your website
  • An Embed code to import your motion into your website or blog

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